Personal preferences, family relationships, assets and tax laws are ever-changing. Shortly after our founding, we saw the need for a service that would ensure clients’ estate plans would always be up to date properly funded. As a result, we created TrustGuard, a service which allows Centara Legal Group clients and their loved ones to keep their estate planning documents current year after year at a predictable annual fee.

Once covered by the TrustGuard Agreement, clients receive the following legal services free of additional charge:

  • Comprehensive review of estate planning documents
  • Amendments to trusts, wills, financial powers of attorney, advance health care directives, and HIPAA authorizations as needed
  • Drafting of deeds, assignments and agreements necessary to keep trusts properly funded (with some limitations)
  • Up to ten (10) hours of legal assistance to trustees and executors in distributing TrustGuard clients’ estates
  • Telephone advice and consultation pertaining to estate plans

Full details are in the TrustGuard Agreement